Thunder Show: NUKE THIEF

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Thunder Show: NUKE THIEF

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Hi! Welcome to Thunder Show and the most incredible moments of the past week. This episode serves as a reminder that the sky is actually a hell of a dangerous place. At least in War Thunder. Let’s get started!

Don't forget - you can now activate video subtitles for seven languages!

So, what do you do if something incredible happens in your battle that deserves to appear in Thunder Show?
  • While in the game, go to “Community > Replays” and find the replay.
  • Press the “Rename” button and give it a memorable name.
  • Open the Replays folder in the game folder: search for the file with the name you have just given it.
  • Attach the file to an email and send it to
  • Also, do not forget to mention in the email:
  • The exact time of the moment you want to share
  • Your in-game nickname
  • Email address used to register your account

If you want to, you can give some details: about what happened to make this moment so good.

That’s all. We are looking forward to your replays! And, as always, we award Golden eagles to the authors of the best moments.

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